Where does it end?

Dear Editor:
I was saddened and appalled to read the contents of the excellent letter by Tiffanie Fisher. Eight years ago my wife and I (from Europe), decided to make a large investment to purchase in Hudson Tea; we both personally visited the planning office not once, but 3 times prior to purchasing the riverfront property to find out exactly what was their intentions for the future of the piers, on all occasions speaking to different planning people, it was going to be some form of recreation facility, precisely what type, they were unsure. On the basis of this information we went ahead and invested in the unit.
As people are aware, the Hudson Tea Buildings were constructed in the early 1900’s, by Sir Thomas Lipton, to serve as the HQ and primary plant for the Lipton Tea Corporation. Situated riverfront along the Hudson River on the north end of Hoboken, The Hudson Tea Buildings have been a historic site in Hoboken for over a century. These buildings have always been riverfront. To now consider building eleven story buildings directly in front of these buildings is absolutely unimaginable. For anyone to even conceive the idea of building in front of Hudson Tea is so preposterous, that it goes against all normality and rational; this would never happen in Europe, and if it were to happen here, it would cast a blight over the City of Hoboken.

Yours, (in total disbelief),
Kevin Patrick,
Private Equity Investor.

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