Positive change in our community

Dear Editor:
I’d like to personally thank a few people in our great community who helped make safer corners at 11th and Hudson Street and 12th and Sinatra.
For those unaware of the situation; at these corners exists a very busy intersection with traffic flowing from 5 different directions. It appeared the cross walk technology for the intersection was not equipped to safely cross people at 11th and Hudson Street. Pedestrians with the walk signal would often have oncoming traffic from 12th and Sinatra crossing over to their path. After conversations I had with Officer David Montanez of the Hoboken Police Department, he quickly shared this with his team and quickly evaluated the corners. The result was the technology needed to be fixed and for that I want to thank him as well as all who impacted this change at the Hoboken Police Department.
I also requested crossing guards be placed at these same corners. We have so many pedestrians and kids who cross these corners whether it’s kids coming home from school; or visiting our great parks down near the waterfront. Given how busy the intersection is, it is a location where sometimes adults and kids crossing by themselves might need assistance crossing. I am happy to see that my request was granted and it’s due in large part to the efforts of Councilman Ravinder Bhalla who advocated for this at a recent council meeting and had follow-up conversations with Chief Ferrante. I also want to thank Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia and the mayors office who all supported the need for crossing guards at this location. Special thanks goes to Chief Ferrante and the Hoboken Police Department who came up with a good near term solution in absence of having crossing guards to staff this location at this time. They agreed to staff the busy intersection with traffic officers and plan to hire crossing guards to staff this location in the fall 2015 throughout the school year.
On behalf of the families and children that cross at that corner every day, I thank all of you for helping to impact positive change in our community that will prove to keep us safe.

Bonnie Murray
Resident 2nd Ward

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