Former Gov. Jim McGreevey speaks to 766 graduates

UNION CITY — “Americans get confused and think money is God. It isn’t,” former Gov. Jim McGreevey told 766 graduating seniors at Union City High School Wednesday night. “This country was build on the sweat of immigrants, and like them, it is up to you to determine the course of your life. You can live your life out of fear or with love. Love is work.”
McGreevey had stepped down from the governor’s office in 2004 admist a scandal, but has since then taken classes to become an Episcopal priest and works in Jersey City government in job training for ex-prisoners. On Wednesday, he served as keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony.
“No matter what else you achieve in your lives, this moment right now is blessed,” he said. “But it is no mere accident that brought you here. It took hard work and headaches. You should be grateful for this moment and be grateful for every day. This is a gift from God.”
McGreevey encouraged students to give back through public service, and quoted Winston Churchill.
“You make a living by what you get,” he said. “You make a life by what you give.”

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