Olympic Spirit Track League week seven results

Week seven results for the Olympic Spirit Track League held in Gregg/Hudson County Park. Co-directors John Hnath and Al Long were assisted by coaches Sharon Nadrowski, Mercedes Alvarez, Justin Enes, Lauren Bell, Jose Bustamonte, Hans Parrado , Michelle Bernatowicz and other volunteers. The results are as follows:

500 yards: 3,4 and 5-year-olds (2:07)
1) Jenna Gaetani, St. Henry; 2) Rose Arroyo, All Saints Academy; 3) Kylie Galano, All Saints Academy; 4) Jordyn Taylor, St. Henry; 5) Emily Palomino, St. Henry; 6) Siena Inzitari, All Saints Academy; 7) ReyaChander, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 8) Catarina Rubies, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 9) EmaBusram, St. Aloysius; 10) Sophia Olivier, St. Aloysius

Half mile: 6 and 7-year-olds (3:13)
1) Livia B. Diakogiannis, All Saints Academy; 2) Mara Ellerson, St. Henry; 3) Julia Hester, All Saints Academy; 4) EvangelineTamayo , St. Henry; 5) Sofia Romero, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 6) Charlize Olmo; St. Henry; 7) Isabel Caldis, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 8) Alyssa Palomino, St. Henry; 9) Graciela Graves, Saint Augustine School; 10) AvaniNayak, St. Aloysius

Half mile: 8 and 9-year-olds (3:11)
1) Maggie McCabe, All Saints Academy; 2) NicaSaoi, St. Aloysius; 3) Daniella skop, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 4) Jaylyn Orefice, Saint Augustine School; 5) Kelly Hester, All Saints Academy; 6) Sofia Wong, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 7) Sophia Inzitari, All Saints Academy; 8) Isabella Graves, Saint Augustine School; 9) Penelope Fleming, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 10) Isabel Zambrano, Saint Augustine School

One mile:10 and 11-year-olds (7:07)
1) Sade Jimemez, St. Henry 2) Madison Cortes, St. Francis Academy; 3) Kaitlyn Arroyo, All Saints Academy; 4) PolinaKukhar, St. Henry; 5) Maria DaVila, St. Henry; 6) Julia Oakley, Saint Augustine School; 7) Elena Hernandez, St. Francis Academy; 8) Tashu Gupta , St. Henry; 9) Annie Zambrano, Saint Augustine School; 10) HarveenShamatt, St. Francis Academy

One mile: 12 and 13-year-olds (6:11)
1) Mailani Bethel, St. Francis Academy; 2) Suhayla Johnson; St. Henry; 3) Angela Gonzalez, Saint Augustine School; 4) SairaDadlani, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 5) Angela Veger, St. Henry; 7) Aryaa Patel, St. Francis Academy; 8) Sarah Tauriello, St. Francis Academy; 9) Gabriela Cruz, All Saints Academy; 10) Saiya Forty, St. Henry

500 yards: 3 ,4and 5-year-olds (2:20)
1) Sam Geiger, All Saints Academy; 2) Nicholas Tait, St. Aloysius; 3) Michael Gurvich, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 4) Henry Stack, All Saints Academy; 5) Gerard Hester, All Saints Academy; 6) Raiden Doherty, St. Henry; 7) Lucas Luzurioga, Saint Augustine School; 8) Michael Mooninauth, St Al’s; 9) Matthew Gurvich, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 10) Arihaan Anand, Our Lady of Czestochowa

Half mile:6 and 7-year-olds (3:18)
1) Lucas Hernandez, St. Francis Academy; 2) Peter Chaly, St. Henry; 3) RJ Yu, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 4) Otavio Rubies, Our Lady of Czestochowa, 5) Kyan Melendez, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 6) Max Patel, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 7) Mickell Taylor, St. Henry; 8) Jaidyn Sokpo, Saint Augustine School; 9) Gabriel Becker, St. Henry; 10) Brian Slasinski, All Saints Academy

Half mile: 8 and 9-year-olds ( 3:17)
1) Noah Santos, Saint Augustine School; 2) Tyler Nieman, All Saints Academy; 3) Austin Aldea, Our Lady of Mercy; 4) Jason Rengifo, Saint Augustine School; 5) Brian Ellerson, St. Henry; 6) Gavriel Pena, St. Francis Academy; 7) Ben Stack, All Saints Academy; 8) Ciro Gino Ingrassia, St. Aloysius; 9) Shawn Ssewagaba, St. Aloysius ; 10) Liam Hester, All Saints Academy

One mile: 10 and 11-year-olds (6:25)
1) Alex Zinkevic, St. Henry; 2) Noah Colo, St. Francis Academy; 3) Davis Pena; Saint Augustine School; 4) Shawn Orefice, Saint Augustine School; 5) Matthew McCabe, All Saints Academy; 6) Aidan Mancha, St. Francis Academy; 7) Tyler Wong, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 8) Nicholas Gurba, Saint Augustine School; 9) Jack Moran, All Saints Academy

One mile: 12,13 and 14-year-olds (6:13)
1) Francios Rodas, St. Henry; 2) Sebastian Pena, St. Francis Academy and Elliot Santana, St. Henry; 3) Justin Balasia, St. Aloysius 13 year old and Kendall King , All Saints Academy 14 year old; 4) Peter Cotar, St. Francis Academy; 5) Dean Baquiran, Our Lady of Mercy

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