Hoboken municipal parking – allocation system

Dear Editor:
I am writing the following few lines on the above subject, you may like to publish it in your weekly paper. “Parking in Hoboken is a big problem, it is an old colony designed to have no cars and no parking garages. But every household owns one or even two cars. All these cars are parked outside in the narrow streets making them further congested. Some of the municipal lots are allocated as parking lots (but the system of allocation is not clear). There is a waiting list of up to 30 years. The lots already assigned may not even be in use by the original owners, and in some cases may be sub let or sitting idle. Once the lot is allocated to a certain individual it seems it stays with them for generations, and then by default passes on to the child, nephew, grandchild. So the family has ownership for generations even if their name was not on the original list.
In a city where we are seeing such tremendous growth and development, we need to update this system of inheritance and allocation of parking lots. If an applicant has their respective senior parents living with them, the applicants should be given some consideration as a gesture to help provide some support. In the event an owner passes on, the lot should be surrendered to the city council and allotted to the next person on the waiting list. Instead, if you are out of town when the annual reminder letters are sent out, your name will be automatically dropped off the waiting list because you were not able to reply during that limited narrow timeline given.
In this day of technology when all of us have submitted our mobile and email information, why not give us the option to communicate via through the more current and apt. process rather than snail mail. Is there any way we can please get a clarification to the current system and how it operates. Also, perhaps consider some amendment to the system such as – 1. After the death of the individual the parking plot should be cancelled from his name and allotted to the next on the waiting list. 2. The family member may also stay as one of the contestant and to be judged on merits for next allotment. 3. People living within the block, should be given some consideration especially if they are sharing the common walls and are expected to maintain their end of the property which is getting a level of wear and tear due to the constant traffic next door. 4. Hoboken property owners who are paying city, county and property taxes should definitely be given preferred consideration over tenants residing in Hoboken.


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