Dr. Roque will prove his innocence

Dear Editor:
My name is Beatrice Oliveti. My father was the late and great Commissioner Joseph P. Oliveti. I say “great” not to be boastful but because my father helped a lot of people in West New York.
Today though I’m writing about another man who helps a lot of people in West New York on a daily basis! I want the readers of The West New York Reporter and the residents of West New York to know that the allegations against the Honorable Dr. Mayor Felix Roque are totally false!
Dr. Roque is an excellent physician. I know because I’m his patient! He’s a family man with integrity; an excellent father!
I don’t believe for a minute what is being reported on the news this week about Dr. Mayor Roque and I don’t think his constituents or anybody else should either. It’s amazing to me how quickly people believe allegations that are spoon-fed to them without any proof. Dr. Roque will prove his innocence and all his critics will be proven wrong when the Honorable Mayor of West New York has what is, thank God, guaranteed to all of us as citizens of this great country, his day in court.

Beatrice Oliveti

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