Bird droppings under Park Ave. are a health hazard

Dear Editor:
WARNING! Health Hazard Histoplasmosis is an often-fatal respiratory disease resulting from inhaling even small amounts of a fungus which grows in dried bird droppings and can be spread by the wind.
Pigeon waste – measurable piles of it – have been allowed to accumulate for several years on the sidewalk along Park Avenue, beneath the I-495 overpass. If you or your children walk under this bridge and a breeze blows, or maybe just the wind from a passing bus kicks-up dust from the dried piles, you and they are being put in real danger of inhaling potentially disease-causing spores from the droppings.
Twice this past month, Weehawken Town authorities have been told of the ongoing dangerous conditions under the bridge, but Town Hall claims it’s been cleaned already. You be the judge; look at the photo (See Briefs this week) or better yet, just take a walk under the bridge.
Weehawken officials, it seems, really aren’t interested in fixing this problem and the threat it poses to public health and safety. Interestingly, look just up the street to the neighboring underpass and you’ll see that Union City is able to keep its sidewalks nearly spotless by regularly cleaning the droppings under their bridge.
Can’t Weehawken put in the same effort?
Tell Town Hall to clean up the pigeon poop and keep it clean!

Richard Saunders


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