An example for North Hudson to follow re pets

Dear Editor:
I want to thank Fernando Portes, spokesman for the Union City Feral Cat Committee, for his humanitarian support and interest in helping to provide local animal shelters and easier access for local city dwellers to get assistance in trapping, neutering, and returning neutered cats and dogs (TNR).
I live in North Bergen and have cats as pets that live inside and outside the house. The cats that dwell in our yards and streets need our help in order to control the good health and well being of their future generations. When I called North Bergen Town Hall for information on how to trap the cats in my yard, I was given a few prices: $75 for each trap, and $175 to fix each animal and return it back to us.
I then called Secaucus Animal Shelter and received a far different scenario of prices and procedures: free trap drop-off, and a minimal price for spaying, about $50, and return.
It’s my opinion as a pet owner and animal lover that every town in Hudson County should follow the fine example of Secaucus.

Thank you,
John Amato

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