Assemblyman Garcia announces legislation in response to Apple Montessori School incident in Hoboken

HOBOKEN — Assemblyman Garcia released the following statement Wednesday morning regarding the Apple Montesstori School incident in Hoboken and his intent to sponsor legislation to improve the security and safety of private schools:
“The entire Hoboken community, and many around the country, are now aware of the disturbing incident that occurred at Apple Montessori School, and it raises serious concerns. As the former School Board President, and more importantly as a parent, I was upset after viewing the video of what happened. I couldn’t believe a teacher would do that to a child. We have to protect those children as well as the parents of those children, who deserve to know that those teaching their children are qualified and are keeping them safe.”
“To that end, I am drafting legislation that would put private school requirements in line with those of public and charter schools by mandating background checks on those teaching our children. It is mystifying that, in this day and age, as to why private schools are not subject to this. While there are many stellar private schools that already do background checks voluntarily as part of their protocol, I want to ensure that every school is a safe environment for students by ensuring a common-sense safety measure is required of all. A simple background check can go a long way towards easing parental concerns and, ultimately and most importantly, keeping our children and students safe.”
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