A look back: Denne, Valles propeled Blackhawks over Bruins in second week of the season

Cruising through their 2015 JCC of Bayonne Junior Division Floor Hockey schedule thus far, the (4-0) Blackhawks only real test came during week two when they narrowly escaped with a 5-4 victory against the now (0-4) Bruins. Meeting for the third time this season, the Blackhawks never let the Bruins gain a footing. With Toni “The Tiger” Rivada and Edward Denne splitting time at net, the Blackhawks’ defense notched their first shutout of the se3sason while their offense continued to roll. Setting the pace early on, the Blackhawks’ Ssebastian Valles drilled in two goals with Dyulan Subacz and Edward Denne picking up assists. The Bruins did mount a number of fast breaks including a 3 on 1 bull-rush but even the bruins’ scoring aces Michael Egan, David Matos and Kailie Delauter, couldn’t crack the Blackhawks vault tight defense. Heading into the last 10 minutes, the Blackhawks’ offense caught fire as goals by Valles (2) Subacz (1) and Rivada (1) put the “Hawks” up 6-zip. In spite of the late game surge, the Bruins didn’t wave the white flag as Roman Popowski piled up 15 saves but some miscues by the Bruins set the stage for a Blackhawks’ 6-0 win.

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