Fire alarm!

To the Editor:

Friday morning, June 5, I had gotten out of work early, and decided to drive my son to Bayonne High School. He has the first period class, and so up Avenue A we went. I dropped him off on Avenue A and 29th Street, as I usually do when I am able to drive him, and continued up to 30th Street and Avenue A and made a left, with the intent of driving through Veterans Park. As I got onto 30th Street, I came to a sudden stop. I had no choice, as teachers, staff members, cooks, and janitors were leaving the school and congregating in the roadway. As I inched up, I asked one teacher, what was happening, and her reply stunned me. “There is a fire in the cafeteria,” she stated as she lit up a cigarette. I just dropped my son off, and he was going into the auditorium door with all his classmates and there is a fire! I said that to this teacher, who then replied, “That’s not my problem.” I quickly parked my car as the fire department and police were arriving, and was told it was a false alarm. My question is, if teachers and the rest are leaving the building, aware of the situation, why are we letting our kids into the building? Yes, this time it was a false alarm, but if it were not, I am afraid to think of what might have happened. As for the
teacher, I guess I interrupted her smoke break.


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