Does he?

Dear Editor:
Re the April 5 Reporter and Eileen McInerney’s encomium for Senator Robert Menendez, claiming he “fights for our interests every single day.” Does he? He is now fighting federal charges of unethical dealings with one of his rich campaign contributors. Whether he’s a crook or not remains to be seen, but since most politicians are liars and crooks, there’s no reason to believe he isn’t one too.
Does he “fight for our interests”? Right now he is fighting against his own president, Obama, on behalf of a prime minister of a foreign country. Obama is on the verge of making a historic deal with Iran so that it cannot develop a nuclear weapon, and all the world is applauding except this prime minister, who is doing his damnedest, even coming to America and haranguing our congress, to kill the deal because he wants the U.S. to bomb Iran; bomb Iran, so his nuclear-armed nation’s power in the region will remain unrivaled.
Senator Menendez (although a Democrat), is working, along with a cabal of Republicans, with this foreign leader to kill the deal. Colonel (Ret.) Lawrence Wilkerson, a former chief of staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell, stated recently: “I know what my Republican party wants. It wants war.”
If the deal that Obama and other world leaders have made with Iran is killed, it will make the world a much more dangerous place. War? We want another war? We have a word for those who turn their coats against their own country in the interests of another.

T. Weed


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