Stevens Cooperative School announces new mission statement

The Stevens Cooperative School has announced a new mission statement, crafted by a team of 12 community members that includes school administrators, faculty, parents, board members and students. The mission statement, approved by the Stevens Cooperative School Board of Trustees in March, reads:
“We imagine a world with well-informed, engaged citizens who are motivated to make a difference. In partnership with our diverse faculty, staff, families and the greater community, Stevens Cooperative School students explore, question and communicate in ways that will inspire and shape the future.
“Everything that greats school do, from strategic planning to operational decision making, should tie directly back to a school’s mission,” says Head of School and Mission Committee Chair Dr. Sergio Alati. “I could not be more thrilled with our new and very relevant mission statement. I thank the entire committee for their diligence, time and service to this important endeavor.”
When students were invited to join the committee, Stevens 8th graders Clare Carty and Jason Lyons enthusiastically volunteered. They invested out-of-school time, shared thoughtful ideas, and came away from the process with great pride in the result.
“Rewriting the mission statement was a rigorous task that took a lot of self-education, review and collaboration,” says Jason. “We agreed as a team that our mission statement needed to be timeless, meaningful, relatable, unique and, most importantly, inspiring to all those who read it.”
Clare adds, “As current 8th graders, we believe that the new mission statement concisely represents our school’s values and educational purpose. We also feel that it reflects our school’s objectives in a rapidly changing society. We are confident that the mission statement fully embodies our values and what we strive for as a school.”


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