Standing behind Senator Menendez

Dear Editor:
I am a great supporter of Senator Bob Menendez. He stands for the people of New Jersey and for the United States of America. I’ve had the privilege of attending Senator Bob Menendez’s Women’s History Month celebration and can say, with 100 percent certainty, that New Jersey women are better off because Bob Menendez represents us. His care about women’s issues – that stems from his love for his mother – is genuine and unmatched in Washington. He is the Senate lead on the Equal Rights Amendment because he knows our country needs women’s equality guaranteed as a fundamental right in the Constitution. Senator Menendez also advocates for equal pay for equal work — and, as a working woman, I could not agree with him more! He’s a leader opposing violence against women worldwide and he made sure our health care system works for women.
Bob Menendez is a fighter — a fighter for all American women — and I stand behind him in that fight. I stand with him and appreciate all of his dedication and hard work.

Jacqueline Wildstein

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