Parking fee theft by technology

Dear Editor:
Knowing all the SNAFU’s that go on in Hoboken City Hall, I purposely renewed my parking permit in person. When I received the confirmation of renewal, the clerk stated that my new permit would expire on a date that was less than a year from my prior year’s permit expiration date.
I had earlier noted, on the renewal letter, that online renewals had to be done at least a month prior to expiration. Had I renewed online as suggested, and did it soon after receiving the notice, my expiration date would have cut off up to two months of my permit fees. I confirmed this expiration tidbit with the clerk.
So you’re thinking, so what – it’s a dollar or two! Well, as we know from banking, shaving off pennies from individual accounts adds up, and is just as fraudulent as a bank heist.
If we have as many permits as households, the City just robbed its residents of a quick $50,000. This insidious type of theft, I am sad to report, is not surprising in this administration, and for now, I will leave it at that.

Yours in Fiscal Integrity,
Melissa T. Blanco

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