Heroes and villains converge at comic convention

SECAUCUS – The East Coast Comicon not only brought out a wealth of comic book creators from across the years, it hosted a wide variety of costumed superheroes in the flesh. Or at least their lookalikes.
Superman, Batman and Robin, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Dr. Octopus, Maleficent, and Chewbacca were just a few of the many characters wandering the floor of the Meadowlands Convention Center this past Saturday and Sunday, posing for pictures with fans giddy from buying action figures or back issues of their favorite comics.
Among the iconic artists and creators greeting fans, signing autographs, and drawing commission sketches were Guest of Honor Jim Steranko, a former “Mad Men” era advertising whiz who first brought revolutionary graphic techniques and pop art to comics in the 1960s.
Other notable guests included Basil Gogos, whose magazine cover paintings of famous monsters are legendary; John Holmstrom, creator of the Ramones logo and the 1970s magazine “Punk” that defined the musical genre; and “legendary guest” Neal Adams, who brought a new realism to comics in the 1960s.

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