Little league approach to major league problems

To the Editor:

I recently read your article about yet another controversy and addition to an already crowded field to represent the 31st Assembly District. I was mentioned briefly at the end of your article in passing.
While I have a great deal of respect for those individuals who take time from their increasingly very busy lives to coach Little League teams, I cannot accept that such “experiences” would be a major asset to representing the very complex and complicated issues affecting the citizens of the 31st Assembly District and the residents of New Jersey.
We have Major League problems that can’t be overcome with a Little League approach. Taxes are going higher because of spending without discipline; schools are not providing the education that our children deserve and need; good jobs in the state are hard to come by, and those that do exist are moving to other states. The cost of living is beginning to strangle families in the district, and many who can no longer afford to stay are being forced to leave their homes. We have complicated infrastructure problems and a pollution cleanup disaster, and nobody is stepping up to the plate. We cannot allow this to persist, and I will do everything to stop it.
I know there’s a better way. I’m looking to break the stranglehold of the political machine that does nothing for the citizens of the 31st Assembly District, and only seeks to keep itself in power despite the total lack of any real progress.
I’m ready to take the field, with Major League solutions to the problems that are affecting the citizens of the 31st Assembly District.

Republican Candidate for the 31st Assembly District

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