Ask the Ump


QUESTION: In high school baseball and softball, how many warm up pitches are permitted by the pitcher to start the game? (10, 8 or 5). How many pitches are granted to a relief pitcher? (10, 8 or 5).
ANSWER: Baseball only, starting pitcher is allowed eight (8) warm up pitches in the first inning while a relief pitcher is also granted eight warm up tosses. (Rule 6, Sec. 2, Art. 2 c, note). Softball only, starting and relief pitchers are permitted five (5) warm up throws. (Rule 6, Sec. 2, Art. 5). In both sports, five warm up pitches are allowed in each subsequent inning.
QUESTION: In baseball and softball, is plate umpire authorized to allow more warm up throws for a pitcher?
ANSWER: Baseball only, umpire-in-chief is authorized because of injury, ejection or inclement weather. (6-2-2c, exception). Softball only, umpire is authorized only for player injury or inclement weather. (Rule 6-2-5, note 2).

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