Person on East Coast still likes snow

HOBOKEN — The person on the East Coast who still likes snow has been located in Hoboken.
After a brutal winter with numerous snowstorms, many residents of the Northeast were thrilled to see warmer temperatures this past weekend. But apparently not everyone was.
Some retain that misty, wide-eyed wonder from their youths and still celebrate the white stuff. Others don’t know why.
A person who lives near Eleventh Street in Hoboken was displaying this “let it snow” sign in his or her window as of yesterday. The shadows of the lettering can be seen due to the wanton, encroaching sunlight that served to cruelly remind the resident of the end of all things frosty.
Hoboken, known as the boyhood home of Frank Sinatra, the first organized baseball game, and more than 140 liquor licenses in a square mile, now may hold a new distinction: Home to that person in the Northeast who still likes snow.

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