Hudson Place Realty joins Leverage Global Partners

Now part of fastest-growing real estate brokerage network in the world

F. Ron Smith, president of Leverage Global Partners, recently welcomed Hudson Place Realty as the network’s exclusive member in Hoboken.

A unique alignment of the most prestigious independent real estate brokerage firms around the world, Leverage Global Partners offers its members the opportunity to better serve their clients’ relocation and real estate portfolio needs by establishing each member firm as key players in the international real estate arena.

“We personally vet each real estate brokerage before offering them membership, so we are certain that Hudson Place Realty is an innovative and forward-thinking market leader, offering exceptional service to their clients and to the communities of Hoboken,” said Smith. “We are thrilled to welcome them to Leverage Global Partners.” 

As a member of Leverage, Hudson Place Realty will be promoted as the network’s exclusive representative for the Hoboken area, facilitating a framework in which the company can expand and compete with larger franchise networks. Through Leverage’s “Just Ask” referral program, Hudson Place Realty associates are offered personal introductions and provided access to top firms around the world, ensuring them incomparable networking ability in the worldwide luxury real estate market.

In addition to offering exceptional service and connectivity, Leverage differentiates itself from existing international luxury real estate associations by increasing the online and social media presence of their members, and providing marketing tools designed to help a member expand their individual business. Leverage promotes the presidents of member firms and extends media access for their members’ properties through a robust public relations outreach and digital platform.

Leverage Global Partners is rapidly expanding its membership base and currently has members in numerous dynamic communities around the world, including Paris, Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vancouver, Tokyo, and Bangkok. For more information, call (310-500-3641) visit, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter