Please stop the lawsuit

Dear Editor:
The Hoboken Board of Education is planning to vote to increase its litigation expenses to fight HoLa’s expansion to 8th grade to $50,000 from $20,000. Another week where rather than bring parents and board members together to brainstorm and create training, curriculum, and programs to help the teachers and students succeed, energy is spent to shut down a program that is doing something right for education and for children.
Is it easier to create success in a smaller school sure, but we can make HHS better and rather than partner with the community at large to share experience, knowledge, and best practices so that Hoboken High School can get better, the energy and resources are spent placing blame rather than collaborating.
HoLa is an example of how creativity, the arts, dual language can challenge the students while engaging them at the same time. To give my child an opportunity to learn in two languages is a gift and one we are so grateful to have in Hoboken. Let’s use all the learnings in our community, each school has different expertise, allow for diversity in curriculum and then take the best of all of these programs and create an award winning best in class high school, this is very much achievable if the commitment to collaborate and learn from each other is at the core.
To parents across Hoboken and to our local and state politicians please help HoLa continue to educate our children and lets all work together to show New Jersey that Hoboken is not only a town that appears on the top 10 lists of great places to live but has an educational system that makes those top ten lists as well.

Jen Branco
Hoboken Resident, HoLa parent

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