The little things determine the character of our city

To the Editor:

We ponder whether Smith or Davis would be the better mayor; how best to revitalize Broadway, a fair contract for teachers, and developing the former MOT, etc.
But, even if the best person is elected mayor, Broadway revitalized, the MOT perfect, and teachers given a fair raise, the little things would remain: those things we choose either to do or not, that determine the character of our city and the quality of our neighborhoods.
Some examples: you’re about to pull into a parking space at Stop & Shop but find a shopping cart abandoned in the parking space. Or, there is a shopping cart left thoughtlessly to roll against another’s vehicle.
Walk down Broadway and see litter on the sidewalk inches from a city trash receptacle. Haven’t you experienced young people along Broadway repeatedly spewing the F word or others who shout the N word as greeting to friends?
Then there are selfish drivers who illegally park adjacent to the drive-by mail boxes denying others the convenience of posting mail without leaving their car. And others who impatiently honk their horns when the driver in front exercises a lawful right to choose not to turn right on red.
In your own neighborhood haven’t you seen the morning-after result of carelessly set out trash or paper recyclables scattered about by overnight wind and rain? And of course, the dog owner who doesn’t pick up after his or her pet.
I think I’ve made my point: we want our elected officials to do the right thing and what’s best for our community. Some of us, however, refuse to do the same. How about making a conscious effort to not do any of the little things described above, and you’ll become someone doing the right thing and also what’s best for our community.


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