Bill was king of the court

To the Editor:

In many ways, Bill Broderick is the best kept secret in Bayonne. He was a well liked and much respected gym teacher at Bayonne High School for an enormous number of years. During just about each of these years, his coaching of the varsity tennis team led to county championships. All of which is exemplary.
Still there is so much more to this fine gentleman. Bill spent as much instruction time with his top player, as well as showing a novice how to even grip a racket. A smile comes to my face recalling gym classes (always outside) with everyone possessing hat, gloves, ear muffs, etc, and/or shorts with accompanying water bottle depending on the season. When it snowed, who do you think did the shoveling of the courts?
Nothing will ever tarnish the reputation of this amazing and wonderful teacher, coach, and human being. Should the tennis court at Bayonne High School be named after Bill?

BHS Counselor

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