Drug Interactions – Check for yourself & before you go to the doctor??

If you have a really good PCP, she or he will monitor all the prescriptions you take as well as any over-the-counter (OTC) vitamins and supplements you use.
But we have all heard about family members and friends who have been affected by adverse drug interactions.
This may occur because: you go to several physicians who each give you prescriptions; a prescription is changed; you buy and use OTC products; and/or you do not read the warnings on the prescription.
REMINDER: Always bring a list of all your prescriptions and OTC products to every doctor’s visit.
And there are good internet “drug interaction checkers” you can use yourself before you go to the doctor, when you get a new or changed prescription, and when you start using OTC products.
For example: highlight and click on open hyperlink
Healthline.com http://www.healthline.com/druginteractions
AARP http://healthtools.aarp.org/drug-interactions?CMP=KNC-360I-google-HEA&HBX_PK=drug_interaction&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=drug+interaction&utm_campaign=G_Health+Tools&360cid=SI_554175301_22444588621_1
cvs.com http://www.cvs.com/drug/interaction-checker.jsp
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