Meditation garden

Dear Editor:
I just viewed a beautiful work of art, a statue of Gandhi to be dedicated in Secaucus New Jersey, Saturday May 31, 2014 at the meditation garden. The meditation garden, a gift to the people of Secaucus from people of Hindu persuasion seems to have become the focus of much recent controversy. It is difficult to comprehend how anyone can find controversy in the personification of harmony with nature in a garden tucked away in a corner of town which some might not even know exists.
Perhaps those who are concerned about this garden, which has signs talking about controversial concepts such as living in harmony, peace among all mankind as God’s children of divine light and treating animals kindly should try and take into consideration the concepts suggested, utilizing them for personal growth rather than be concerned about any ulterior political motive. Politics divide and this is completely the opposite.
This is a statue of a man who, through silent protest brought about significant change and is to be dedicated to the people of New Jersey. Why then is there any controversy about people giving money to create a beautiful garden on public property at the edge of the meadow? Maybe this is a good opportunity to get better acquainted with the cultures of other people who are good people and good neighbors, a learning moment surrounded by beauty and share a good heart.
It is by viewing the world through the eyes of others that we are able to better understand them. This garden simply opens up the opportunity to have dialogue with others. It is really hard to hate others or find fault with them once you have walked in their shoes. Maybe what we all need to do is stop questioning the belief of others and rather take inventory of our own belief system.
When someone hands me a rose I find it difficult to not be thankful.
What a great place to visit and get away from the noise of society for a few brief moments, listen to the sounds of nature, the wind, the sound of the tide. Public land or not, I find nothing improper about someone giving private money to the town and creating something of beauty. The world needs more beautiful places and this one I find to be a wonderful addition to Secaucus.
Mayor Gonnelli, you did the right thing. You always do and I suspect that you always will.

Michael Seyfried

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