A letter of thanks from Freeholder Romano

Dear Friends and Supporters:
I wanted to write to everyone to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. At first I knew it would be a difficult campaign running against the line Democrats that initially brought me to you as your representative on the Freeholder Board. Then I wondered, “ Do my constituents know what I have done for them thus far?” I’m not the type of person who looks back at my accomplishments. I do the things I do, because I love what I do. I fight for Hudson County and the people of Hoboken and Jersey City because my friends and family have lived here for three generations. You can say I am fully invested in this community.
For almost six years as your Freeholder, I have been able to procure funding for various different projects and programs that benefit Hoboken and Jersey City. I wanted to address some of these issues as that came out of the election process; however, I wanted to run a positive campaign based on my record alone. It is important to me that my staff and my campaign worked together to ensure that all the work I have done for the county was communicated to my constituency.
Three years ago I was able to procure $2.8M for the Observer Highway redesign and reconfiguration from the County. At this time, this project has been put on hold by the municipal administration. This is where the Hoboken community needs to question, if the money had already been given to the city, why hasn’t the work started? I also procured $141K for the Hoboken Library, $500K in Open Space Funding for the Hoboken Cove Walk, and $3M for Southwest Park. In 2010, we unveiled the rehabilitation of the 14th Street Viaduct, the Columbus Park Sun House, and the synthetic fields at Washington Park.
I am only one of nine Freeholders on the Hudson County Board of Freeholders. If I see an agenda item or line item that I don’t agree with, I will question it or vote against it. My purpose is to always do what is right for those who elected me to this position. I am working with the County Board of Freeholders to re-examine the proposed budget to cut 10-15 percent in each department by cutting vacancies and saving money salaries through attrition.
I look forward to working with you for the next three years of my term. I sincerely thank you, the voters, for re-electing me to another term to serve as you Freeholder!

Anthony L. Romano

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