Terry wants your vote

To the Editor:

First I want to thank you for your support at the May 13 election, as I was just a few votes short of avoiding a runoff. I ask you to come out again next Tuesday, June 10, and support myself and the entire Smith team. I cannot tell you how disheartened I am with the way the other team has run their campaign. The malicious lies and deceit are unacceptable and had no place in this municipal election. I am not and will not take part in this type of campaigning. Some members of the team have told the many special interest groups that they will solve all their problems and not raise taxes. My fellow citizens I ask you not to be tricked into believing that to be true. Serving the council we must gather all the facts and variables and make an intelligent well-thought-out decision and what is best for all our residents. The Smith team has worked very hard through some very difficult times. Such as, but not limited to, a devastating national recession, enormous structural deficits, Hurricane Sandy and a well above average number of snowstorms to name a few. Through all this, the city has emerged as one of the top three cities in New Jersey for development, an upgrading in our bond rating, a 40 percent reduction in out bonded debt and much more. Our managerial experience in our careers is extensive and unmatched. Before coming into this we have spent most if not all of our regular careers serving the citizens of Bayonne. Our city needs the expertise and the stability that comes with it. I urge you to come out on Tuesday, June 10 and ensure the city keeps moving forward. Vote for the entire Smith team.


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