Support for Sal Gullace

To the Editor:

I would like to acknowledge a person who helped me for the last three years with my purchased foreclosed home. Sal Gullace who goes under the business name of ‘ROCCOS’ Home improvements is a great family man. His son also helps him at my house, painting, minor repairs, grass, and especially snow removal this horrible past winter. Sal is running for the Second Ward under the Jimmy Davis ticket (I want to shake his hand for raising a beautiful family in Bayonne.) Jimmy Davis, I thank you, and Sal used to be my election location employee in St Henrys Church parish center in 2-9 district, with a smile and a hug. My parish of St Henrys should be very proud to have someone of Sal’s expertise on the grounds doing a great job! I miss that I now live in the Third Ward, home of the good ol’ boys, who get taken care of only! Just like the Sicilian Citizens Club backing for this administration. It’s about the jobs these people get! The president cannot vote for him. He lives in Old Bridge. Us little people just suffer. Same as the Second Ward. I don’t even know who my councilman is/was, since John Halecky left. I am 91 and will not take this anymore. I am on the way out. But not yet! I wish I can vote for Sal Gullace, but I will put up a sign for respect!


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