Not supporting the teachers

To the Editor:

Have been attending city council meetings for years, and have never seen or heard about this “candidate” for mayor at any of the meetings, especially concerning the future of the Bayonne Bridge. But I have read about and saw pictures of our State Senator Sandra Cunningham in the newspaper and her involvement in the decision-making for the future of the Bayonne Bridge. I never heard Leonard Kantor’s opinion on the Bayonne Bridge until he became an at-large candidate.
My brother John, a Marine Corpsman, was a dedicated teacher for 28 years at Ferris High School. He refused to join the politics of the teachers union. He would not degrade his profession by marching around city hall or using PTA mothers to vote for more money for teachers. More money for teachers means more money from the taxpayers and homeowners. Do you know whom I’m voting for? Think!


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