Vote for Ray Greaves

To the Editor:

I am not a political person, but I do know one thing for sure, Bayonne needs Ray Greaves in office for Third Ward council. Anytime I have ever reached out to Ray, whether for a complaint I saw on a social media site, or passed by in some other form, Ray has always jumped into action and got the complaint rectified. He never said, “No, sorry, I can’t,” or “That is not my area.” He always found the person responsible, made sure the job was done, many times personally visiting the site, and updated people accordingly. From the many potholes in Bayonne, to the un-shoveled 45th Street Light Rail Station, he made sure it was done. When I lost my grandson three years ago, Ray stopped by our home to make sure we were okay, and made sure we had anything needed.
Recently, a friend’s apartment on 39th and Broadway was condemned after a roof caved in from the heavy rains. We texted Ray at 9 on a weeknight and immediately someone was there to help her out. My husband was sent to BEOF [Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation] with our friend and she was able to get an extended stay in a local hotel, as well as other help. These are the kind of people we have in Bayonne.
Please elect Ray Greaves to office. He is an upstanding, caring individual who I am proud to call my friend. Ward Three, vote Ray Greaves on June 10.


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