Vote for Marrero

Dear Editor:
It is encouraging and gratifying news to have the first Hispanic to represent the 8th district in a race for freeholder, Mr. Henry Marrero. This is by far a welcoming change from the usual Mayor Sacco “appointed” or “hand-picked” candidate or bureaucrat. Henry Marrero can not only bring fortifying positive change to our community, but can bring sincere positive change. Henry Marrero has offered to donate his freeholder salary if elected. This is almost unheard of in this neck of the woods. Henry Marrero’s freeholder salary would be used towards scholarships for children, senior citizen programs, battered women and children, special needs children. Henry Marrero will advocate much needed educational essentials for our children. Henry Marrero’s opponent Mr. Vainieri would like to establish a police academy in Hudson County. A police academy? North Bergen School Board President Julio Marenco admitted in an publication dated May 5th, 2014 “our classrooms are at capacity”. However; Mr. Vainieri wants to establish a police academy when we need more classroom space for children. Mr. Vainieri also proposes limiting the size of groups and requiring an application fee as well as a deposit at the James J. Braddock Park. So if you want to have a barbecue or a birthday party at the park, you will have to pay, and limit the people you bring.
Henry Marrero is a community leader, and a man of and for the community. Henry Marrero is not only a man of the community, but is willing to give his life for the community, literally. Henry Marrero is currently an 18 year law enforcement veteran. Mr. Vainieri will lead his county district with your wallet. Henry Marrero will lead your county district with his heart, not with your hard earned money.

Jose A. Chinea
North Bergen

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