Thank you for representing the Hoboken public school district students!!

Dear Editor:
We are writing to extend our thanks and gratitude to the superintendent of the Hoboken public schools, Dr. Toback and the Hoboken Board of Education trustees for all that you do to protect the interests of our students.
We understand that the state’s recent approval to expand a local charter school will exacerbate an already tight budget, now and moving forward. We support your petition to the State Dept. of Education (DOE) regarding the disadvantage that the district is in with the current funding formula. We know that the recent discussions in the community have been contentious at times and we appreciate those board members that have held firm and never wavered from serving the students of the Hoboken public school district.
We would also like you to be aware that we know that some of you voted against Dr. Toback’s impact statement, against submitting his petition to the DOE and one of you have even written a letter to the commissioner supporting the expansion while ignoring the financial burden on our school district.
This is unacceptable to the many parents who happily chose the Hoboken public schools. We expect unity from the full board on this issue and demand no less. Support the public school district, the district that you were elected to represent.

Wallace School PTO

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