Ciemiecki, Huentelaf, and Mari lead special panthers to victory at local track meet

Samantha Ciemeicki, Francheska Huentelaf and Barbara Mari led a thirteen-member contingent, representing the Bayonne recreation Panthers Special Olympics track & field team, by copping three first-place ribbons each, at the recently-held 2014 SOHC/area track & field meet. The event was contested at the James Braddock Park (in North Bergen) & the results follow:

Softball throw: 3rd – Nicole Bawiec, 2nd – Wendy Didomenico, Debbie Lesane, Jody Czucza and Michael Walsh, 1st – Samantha Ciemiecki

Shot put: 3rd – Violet Malcolm, 1st – Francheska Huentelaf

Mini – Javelin: 2nd – Ronald Benitez, 1st – Roger Belanger & Francheska Huentelaf

100m walk: 5th – Siearra Battle, 4th – Wendy Didomenico, 3rd – Jody Czucza, 2nd – Debbie Lesane and Michael Walsh, 1st – Barbara Mari and Jude Orlando

400-m walk: 3rd – Siearra Battle, 2nd – Jody Czucza and Wendy Didomenico, 1st – Debbie Lesane, Barbara Mari, and Michael Walsh.

800-m walk: 3rd – Jody Czucza, 2nd – Siearra Battle, 1st – Barbara Mari

100-m dash: 3rd – Roger Belanger, 1st – Nicole Bawiec, Ronald Benitez, Samantha Ciemiecki, Francheska Huentelaf, and Violet Malcolm

200-m dash: 1st – Nicole Bawiec, Roger Belanger, Ronald Benitez, Samantha Ciemiecki, and Violet Malcolm

The two ribbon-winning relay squads capped off the panthers meet:

4×100-m walk (Jaguars): 1st – Barbara Mari, Siearra Battle, Jody Czucza and Debbie Lesane
4×100-m relay (Panthers): 2nd – Roger Belanger, Samantha Ciemiecki, Nicole Bawiec, and Ronald Benitez

The Panthers were accompanied to the meet by their coaches, John Valdora, Theresa Diaz, Tom Moody, and Denise Bawiec, who were ably assisted by Veronica Burns, Ian Hudacko and Willie Pacas.
The Panthers have all qualified to participate in the 2014 SONJ Chapter Summer Games, later this month at the College of New Jersey.

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