Silent Tilo

Dear Editor:
I am a regular internet viewer of Hudson County TV. By far one of the most bizarre items they show are tapings of the Union City Board of Commissioners meetings.
I’m told that one of the Commissioners Tilo Rivas is seeking another term as our freeholder for Union City. Why is it that he never has anything to say at these commissioner meetings?
People say he is responsible for the public buildings in our community. Then all of us must ask where was he considering that the public works garage on Bergenline Ave. is in such a dangerous and disgraceful state?
The last time I read anything in this newspaper about Mr. Rivas is when one morning around 2 years ago he was allegedly assaulted by his own wife.
Jose J Falto who I support to be elected our new freeholder on Tuesday June 3 has always been a tireless champion in our community in reference to fighting crime and providing facilities in the North Hudson Region to assist those who might be dealing with mental illness.
Since many have noticed that Mr. Rivas seems somewhat detached at these commission meetings it would obviously be in our best interests if we instead elected Jose G. Falto to be our freeholder for Union City on Tuesday June 3 between the hours of 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. His ballot position is B4.

Tom Regan

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