Isn’t it ironic

Dear Editor:
It’s ironic that in the same week that Hoboken’s highly successful charter school, Hola was selected to be a model school by the State of New Jersey for world languages that the Board of Education filed a lawsuit seeking to cancel the approved expansion allowing HoLa to add 7th and 8th grade classrooms. HoLa’s academic success has been well documented. But rather than recognizing the school as a great success story that adds to the Hoboken’s appeal, the Board of Education has chosen an unproductive, divisive path.
Why is the Board of Education dragging a small, successful charter school into a lawsuit against the state? If they want to put “Kids First,” why are they wasting taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit to limit high quality education in Hoboken?
It’s time the Board of Education drop their frivolous lawsuit and put the time, money and effort they are wasting to more productive uses that will benefit all the schools in Hoboken.

Matt Schwartz

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