Mayor Zimmer’s actions

Dear Editor:
I remember many, many years ago when the FBI raided many elected officials from our county and cities. One such person was former Mayor Peter Cammarano. He was recorded by the FBI and sent to prison for a few years. He made a mistake, paid for his mistake, and, I believed, learned from his mistake.
This is how our current mayor began her “career”. Our mayor preached when she got into her “new role” that she wanted to take the politics out of Hoboken. However, in fact, the politics is worse than ever in this city. She got her way when she got enough supporters to vote to eliminate run-off elections if 50 percent of the votes were not met and she had her term extended to stay in office. I can’t stand anyone who does things for self gain then claims to be a victim.
After Hurricane Sandy, our mayor took a lot of credit and received praise for the recovery work done in “Hoboken” and stood by the governor to accept this praise and credit. Now she is stating a year later that she was bullied by the governor and his aides.
If this was true, could she not have contacted the FBI and had this recorded? Actions speak louder than words and if this was true and recorded, it would be believable, would it not? I hope that those investigating her allegations against the governor, based upon her diary entries, finds fault in her. Perhaps, then she would resign, her allies on the city council will go elsewhere, and this city can have a mayor we can trust.
However, trust is earned and finding the right person will be hard to find, especially for this city.


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