Funeral, viewing for Hoboken’s Andrew Jarzyk scheduled for Sunday and Monday

HOBOKEN — A funeral for Andrew Jarzyk, a Hoboken resident who disappeared a month ago and was found in the Hudson River on Monday, will be held this coming Monday. Viewing hours will be Sunday and Monday.
Jarzyk, 27, disappeared a month ago, shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 30, after he went for a jog past Pier C Park and then Pier A park on the waterfront.
Before that, he had been relaxing with friends at the West Five Supper Club near his home on the west side of the mile-square city. He left the club around 1 a.m. early Sunday morning to walk the few blocks home to Monroe Street to change clothes for a run. He had been training for a half-marathon held in Long Branch this past weekend. Jarzyk jogged the mile east to the Hoboken waterfront, then ran south along the Hudson River.
On Monday evening, April 28, someone spotted a body at the ferry slips in back of the historic Hoboken train terminal. The terminal is directly south of Pier A. Both are at the most southeastern point of Hoboken, near Jersey City. The family posted a heartfelt message on Facebook Tuesday night, and police confirmed Wednesday morning that the body was Jarzyk’s.
The police said there were no initial signs of foul play.
A full medical examination was still underway as of Wednesday. Police did not return phone calls by Thursday afternoon.
Though Andrew’s body has finally been found, the mystery of how he died remains unsolved. The railing is at least three feet high around Pier A Park, through the train terminal, and past the ferry area. There are no breaks in the fence in that area.
In recent years, there have been numerous cases around the country of Caucasian men in their twenties inexplicably drowning in waterways after a night out drinking with friends. Two retired law enforcement officers in New York City came up with a theory that a group of “smiley face killers” was throwing these men into waterways and leaving smiley face graffiti nearby, but that theory has been widely debunked by other law enforcement agencies.
However, others have been concerned about the trend, particularly in the Midwest where many of these cases have been reported. Newspaper columnists and anonymous commenters have theorized that perhaps these men get too close to the river to urinate, or that alcohol plays some other role.
Jarzyk’s loved ones have said that he was not intoxicated that night.
Family and friends have said that Jarzyk was a kind person with a good sense of humor, who enjoyed spending time with his family and girlfriend.
On Facebook on Tuesday night, the family posted a message in remembrance of Jarzyk.
“Although this has been a very tragic ending, we have been able to get through this because of love, faith, and outpouring support that we have received from everyone. Andrew would be so proud.”

Susquehanna University published a message from the president of the college on Thursday, listing Jarzyk’s accomplishments and funeral information. To read it, click here. The funeral information is at the end.
For updates, keep watching and read the print edition of the Hoboken Reporter around town this weekend.

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