Commitment to parks and quality of life

Dear Editor:
I first met Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Councilman David Mello in 2006, when we, together with several of our neighbors, were part of the Steering Committee of the original Southwest Parks Coalition. None of us were involved in politics back then. We were just a group of Southwest residents who wanted to make our neighborhood better by fighting for more park space. Our group built on the long time parks activism spearheaded by, among others, Council candidate Jim Doyle and his wife Leah Healy who were among the founders of Hoboken Parks Organization.
Leah and Jim’s efforts helped bring us the new park that recently opened at 1600 Park Avenue, and I am excited and proud that the efforts that our group began back in 2006 will soon help bring us our Southwest Park, starting with the acre of land the City recently acquired. The Zimmer Team’s real and well documented history of citizen advocacy makes clear that open space and quality of life are not just political slogans for them. These issues represent the passion that inspired them to seek public office in the first place. That’s why they have delivered on these issues for the people of Hoboken for the past four years, and why we need the Zimmer Team leading our City forward for the next four years.
On November 5, please join me in supporting my Southwest neighbors Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Councilman David Mello, and their ticket mates James Doyle and Councilman Ravi Bhalla. Hoboken needs the Zimmer Team for four more years.

John Gregorio

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