A year after Sandy, one Hoboken block outdoes all others for Halloween

HOBOKEN — Several blocks in uptown Hoboken go all out for Halloween, installing electronic talking monsters and draping cobwebs from the top of a brownstone to the base. But there’s one block that was so spirited this year that police cordoned it off: Bloomfield Street between 11th and 12th.
Thick throngs of kids went from house to house, and neighbors admired each other’s displays and chatted on stoops. Some had to have a glass of wine or beer for the festivities.
Perhaps there was an extra incentive for residents to outdo themselves this year — last year, Halloween Sandy blew Halloween away, forcing the city’s traditional Ragamuffin Parade to be postponed several times while the city tried to estimate dates for cleanup and the return of power.
This year, no storm was going to stop the brownstone dwellers and crowds of kids from scaring each other and enjoying sweets. Hundreds turned out for the parade and trick-or-treating afterward. In addition, BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Have a good weekend and enjoy your candy!

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