Tax rebates a failure

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Mayor Mark Smith’s incentive program regarding tax rebates to the residence of Bayonne to spend their money within their hometown. I being a Bayonnite—born and raised here felt that this was a worthy project.
I’m writing to inform him that the lack of participation of some local businesses will cause this project to fail. My experience at a local restaurant was shocking and dismaying. The cost of non-alcohol beverages was $17.50. Outrageous. I was speaking with the proprietor of the restaurant, and her response was not only abusive but outright rude and her position on the subject was, so don’t come back.
I therefore, will be taking her advice along with paying attention to other local businesses because at this point in time why participate in a project that is to benefit the taxpayers when local businesses are overcharging the customer. There is no incentive for residences of Bayonne to spend their hard-earned money here. So I for one will be spending my hard-earned money elsewhere, where my business will be appreciated.


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