Sandy reflections

To the Editor:

I cannot believe what we went through with the storm, darkness at night, the daily unknown, what to eat or where, gasoline. I would like to point out Stop and Shop supermarkets for getting back to normalcy as soon as they did. Their clearance can food that I amass (even at age 91) helps get me through the daily worry. Their top store manager, Mr. Al Prince, also known as ‘The Prince of Bayonne’ runs a great operation. Cleanliness, customer respect, parking lot very accessible and carts, too. Along with their very able co-managers and Eddy and Cory at the solution center and Richmond, make every trip a pleasure. Not even counting the Gas Rewards that amount up to 35 gallons and up to $2.20 per gallon. Add it up! I do! New Yorkers and other Hudson County cities come to the store, then meet up at the Bayonne Shell station on Avenue E. Shell reports the gas trade at 20 percent from Stop and Shop alone. Mr. Prince is always happy to meet and greet his bi-state customers and I hope Stop and Shop sees fit to keep the Prince of Bayonne through many, many, many future storms. When Stop and Shop has its basket drive for charity in the store—believe them, people do win. I did! And they deliver!


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