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Local Halloween displays run from restrained to ‘crazy’

Scary and spooky scenes abound in the county with Halloween days away.
Whether it is ghosts, goblins, witches, or skeletal brides, many residents have adorned their properties with the creepy, crazy, or just plain odd.

Union City

On Palisade Avenue in Union City, Jesus Sosa, 25, grandson of the house’s owner, said his family has been decorating for the past four years.
“It’s in keeping with the spirit of the holiday,” Sosa said. “It’s for the kids’ enjoyment. It’s mainly for them.”
Young children from nearby Jefferson School come by to view his family’s display, he said.

West New York

In West New York, Yesenia Carrillo helps mother and homeowner, Dulce Carrillo, put out her assortment of friendly and freaky figures and icons. The family has decorated for the last five years, mainly for the benefit of Yesenia’s young sons, Jaime and Javier.
“It’s for my kids,” she said, “my two little beautiful boys.”


In Secaucus, in the neighborhood that includes Humboldt Street and Raydol and Golden avenues, the ornaments run the gamut from the merely superstitious (black cat) to the downright ghoulish (severed head on lawn).
The house on Raydol had an assortment of human bones, three witches, and three spiders, one black and green and a foot long. But a house on the 700 block of Golden featured a several-foot-long inflated black cat, hissing and looking menacing to passersby. Not to be outdone was a house across the street, on the 600 block. It featured a skull with a huge red cape; seemingly hovering over all, an asylum escapee still in his straitjacket; and bride and groom skeletons, apparently thwarted on their most important day.

North Bergen

In North Bergen Peter and Maria Meister have been putting up a display every year for the last six. It features three two-foot-long spiders, a battle axe and 20-foot-long chain, and 15 tombstones.
“There are no bodies, though,” said Peter.
“Not that we know of,” said Maria.


In Weehawken, Heather Nodine said that decorating for the October holiday is one of her family’s preferred activities.
“It’s my husband’s favorite time of the year; he loves Halloween,” she said. “And it’s fun for the kids. They like coming out here and putting stuff up. They like the scary things.”
Her porch features an outstretched female skeleton and oversized, tooth-baring bat.

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