Serving the town I love

Dear Editor:
For the past three years it has been my honor and great responsibility to serve as a member and current president of the Hoboken Board of Education. I’ve called Hoboken home since 1976 and now, all these years later, I am asking for the opportunity to continue serving the town I love.
Under the leadership of Kids First and with the determined efforts of our teachers and administrators, the Hoboken public school district is making great strides: test scores and graduation rates are up, more money is directed into the classrooms where it belongs, the school day and year have been lengthened, a formalized system of teacher evaluations is in place, our Pre-K program is thriving, and a new junior senior high school has been created. Perhaps most important is that we have established a climate of trust and support that provides our Superintendent, Dr. Mark Toback, our administrators and our teachers more time and energy to address the needs of our students.
Yes, there is further progress to be made, but we have a plan and it is working. I ask voters to support the Kids First team—Irene Sobolov, Jennifer Evans and me—and allow us to continue moving the district forward. Please vote 3-5-8 for Hoboken School Board on November 5.

Leon Gold, PhD
President Hoboken Public School Board

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