Clean up the town

To the Editor:

I’ve been living on Avenue A for 28 years. I left Jersey City. I wanted my children to have a better life. I never thought Bayonne would turn out to be so dirty. The mayor doesn’t care about the people or the town.
Mayor Smith tells us we have places to shop, we have empty stores. We have bars, nail salons, pizza parlors and not really good restaurants. The rest of the town is shot to hell.
High taxes and high water bills. What is the mayor doing for us the people? We need a mayor who is honest and caring for the people.
I’m tired of cleaning cigarette butts and garbage from my entire block.
Every homeowner and business owner should have to clean in front of his or her property and corner property owners should have to clean corner basins, not because you have to but because you take pride in your property and town.
I know there is a law to clean your property but no one enforces the law.
Think about how much money this town could bring in if these property owners who don’t clean their property were ticketed. Also, ticket people who don’t pick up the dog’s waste. Also have police out on Avenue A when there is a game at Veterans’ Stadium, the kids destroy our cars and our property and when you call the police dispatch, they ask what color clothing the kids causing the problem are wearing. How can you tell when there is only one light on Avenue “A” between 24th and 25th Street that’s for the entire block!
We need something done! Now, not later. It’s time for the people of this town who own property to speak up and call the Mayor’s office.
Mayor Smith, help us clean up this town! Make us proud to live in Bayonne.
I will donate (no money) my time. I will go around with a camera and take pictures of properties not being taken care of and report back to your office so you can take further steps. Thank you.

Avenue A

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