Dear Editor:
It seems to me that one of the big arguments Mile Square Taxpayers Assn made in favor of vacancy decontrol of rent controlled units was that landlords are too honorable to push tenants out via underhanded methods (harassment, obvious or more subtle).
It that’s the case (that they are indeed people of honor), I would ask that they withdraw their legal action trying to nullify last November’s result on the rent control issue.
The research has now been done (and provided to the court) to determine that Sandy did not disenfranchise enough voters to overturn the election (in many cases it was simply a question of voters having moved from Hoboken and voting in their new township). My understanding is that MSTA is now arguing to the court that the facts don’t matter because they were not available to the court when it first made its decision in favor of MSTA. That, to me, is hardly an honorable position.
I don’t know whether the legal team is more at fault or the funders of MSTA who permit the lawyers to do this on their behalf. In any event it’s absolutely wrong.

Drowning in disbelief

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