Pump down the volume

Dear Editor:
Thanks to Jim from North Bergen for his July 7 letter about excessively loud backyard parties. It’s nice to have someone on my side concerning this quality-of-life issue. Too many people allow their backyard barbecues to become outdoor nightclubs that last into the late hours. The problem comes from more than simple inconsideration. It’s caused by immaturity and arrogance. Anyone who plays his radio at full volume does so because he wants his favorite music to become everyone else’s. About two years ago, I had an argument with a new neighbor about his blaring radio. He actually thought he had a social duty to entertain the whole block with his “music.”
The problem isn’t limited to backyard parties. Many times, drivers park their vehicles and play their car stereos outside my living room window while I’m trying to enjoy my own, quiet entertainment. Someone else’s radio noise coming through my closed windows is trespassing.
To all the beat-crazy fanatics who think their tunes are so great, I say grow up and get a life!


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