China and Japan on Washington Street

Precious offers twists on authentic cuisine, in a comfortable setting

The best part about eating at Precious, the Asian restaurant located at 128 Washington St., is that there’s something on the menu for any occasion. If you’re craving something standard, like a late night pork fried rice, obviously they’ve got you covered. There’s no one else in Hoboken that’s got something they don’t. But conversely, a large portion of Precious’ menu, especially the sushi choices, is a Hoboken exclusive.
Precious has been serving Hoboken for around 15 years. Banking on new twists and colorful additions for dishes cooked in the authentic Chinese and Japanese styles, it’s become one of the hottest sit-down Asian places in town, and is undoubtedly the tastiest.

The second roll, the Rainforest Roll, was also inspired by summer.
“We really try to be authentic, but it’s not always easy,” said the restaurant’s owner, David Huang. “Our sushi is always fresh, which is the most important thing with sushi, and our Chinese dishes are made with lots of fresh garlic, ginger and scallion bases, which is the basis of authentic Chinese food.”
The Hudson Reporter was invited to do a review, one of many over the years, of some of Precious’ new options last week, and the trip was more than worth it.

Chinese and Japanese

Huang explained that the day’s samplings would be a combination of Chinese and Japanese dishes – two sushi rolls and two Chinese entrees. All four dishes were delicious, interesting, and well presented.
Huang explained that the two sushi rolls, the Cool Summer Roll and the Rainforest Roll, were both inspired by summertime, and their presentation and ingredients reflect that. The first roll, made with shrimp tempura and cucumber, is topped with slices of fresh salmon, avocado, and bright red fish eggs called tobeiko. The experience in your mouth reflects the roll’s name – the shrimp is nicely crunchy, there’s a coolness provided by the salmon, and the avocado finishes off the taste with a blast of summer.
The second roll, the Rainforest Roll, is also inspired by summer, but where the Cool Summer Roll is great for dinner, the Rainforest Roll is a top lunch pick. Filled, again, with shrimp tempura, the roll is also stuffed with papaya and is topped with a spicy kani salad. Precious’ Kani is, in line with tradition, filled with shredded crab and cucumber, but it also is stuffed with fresh tropical fruit, which adds an extra layer of flavor.
“Personally I prefer our Chinese dishes,” said Huang, when asked which sushi rolls were his favorite. “But if you come here with company, or you’re a man bringing out a girl for the evening, sushi is what you want. It makes it a little bit more special.”
Following the sushi, Huang presented two of the restaurant’s most popular and authentic Chinese entrees. First, there was the Black Pearl Shrimp, which includes a lightly battered jumbo shrimp on a bed of mixed vegetables in a special soy sauce. The shrimp was sublimely seasoned, and had a bit of kick. The vegetables, especially the mushrooms, complemented the shrimp well. This would be a great dish for someone who’s not typically crazy about seafood but wants something different for a change.
The second dish, the Basil Delight, was the stranger of the two entrees, but definitely the tastier. A combination of sliced chicken and shrimp sautéed in a basil sauce with snow peas, mushrooms, and peppers, the dish is a wonderful combination of meat and vegetables. There’s a bit of a Thai kick to the dish as well, which probably comes from the basil and is quite pleasurable but not overpowering.
Overall, Precious provides what can only be Hoboken’s premier authentic Asian dining experience. The staff is pleasant and courteous, the setting is clean, open and bright, and the food is fantastic. Whether you’re looking for sushi on date night or a family-style Chinese meal with all your friends, Precious is the place to be.

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