Jitney bus issue

Dear Editor:
A lot of talking about regulating the jitney buses will do nothing. We, who use them often and see the drivers using their cell phones constantly, can make a difference. Give us a hotline—a police number, for instance—that we can call to report a driver who is using a cell phone while driving. If everyone who rides these buses would report cell phone use and/or bad driving when we see it—or if riders would shout at the drivers to get off the phone, things would change.
These buses are necessary, convenient, and more frequent than the NJ Transit buses so I have no desire to get rid of them, just a desire to force the drivers to stop having phone conversations while driving. Only we who are on the bus can actually stop this behavior—I have seen the drivers put the phone down when a police car drives by—but we need to do it as a group. I hope that the outrage over this tragedy will result in some real changes, not in some politicians talking about changes until the subject is buried under mounds of verbiage.


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