Gardening in Leonard Gordon Park

Dear Editor:
Join the Friends of Leonard Gordon Park (FoLGP) for gardening Sundays 9:30 a.m. as we complete & maintain this park’s new gardens by Kennedy Blvd. and Sherman Place. We are a community-based non-profit group of neighbors who in many ways are working to improve this historic park. Help us make this the greatest park in the Garden State of New Jersey!
To help our sadly neglected park, we are: creating & maintaining these community gardens; having regular cleanups; restoring our bison, bear, lion and doughboy statues; re-creating our stolen bronze memorial eagle statue; having our vandalized children’s playground re-located to a safer, more visible location; planning future community events such as Farmers Markets, fundraising events and Movies in the Park; and, most importantly, in the not too distant future we will hold a series of public meetings and ballots to allow residents to design a complete Park Master Plan that will meticulously define a multi-million dollar world-class park renovation. This community-empowerment park renovation process began with the Friends of Van Vorst Park in 1991. Leonard Gordon Park is named after one of our City’s greatest community activists who, among other achievements, led the way for the creation of our current library system. Of our city’s 14 major community parks (>1.5 acres), only this park has such a dramatic slope, and only one other city park has such breathtaking vistas. While Riverview-Fiske Park oversees Hoboken and Manhattan to the east, this park looks west, to the Pulaski Skyway Bridge and then 20 miles to the Watchung Mountains. An expert historian, Native American Indian professor is teaching us about the sacred bison statues of our park and their iconic energy that has Native American Indians from across our country coming to visit.
The FoLGP are a member of the Jersey City Parks Coalition, and coordinate their efforts with Jersey City’s: Div. of Parks and Forestry, Div. of Architecture and Dept. of Public Works. If you have gardening questions, would like to join our efforts, make donations (all donations are tax deductible) or have other questions, please call: Patrick at (201) 674-4094, or e-mail him at:

Dr. Clifford Waldman
FoLGP, Co-Founder
Founder, FVVP; JCPC

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