A letter of appreciation

Dear Editor:
In June of 2013, I wrote a letter to Mayor Zimmer, Director Jon Tooke and all the city council members, notifying them that a group Hoboken Police Department members would be retiring shortly.
In part, I wrote :
“These men have served the City of Hoboken honorably for the last 25 years. They have been leaders, trainers, and experts in their field. They depart with irreplaceable experience and knowledge. I am hoping that the dedication that these men have shown our city is reciprocated upon their retirement. These men deserve the peace of mind in knowing that their severance pay will not be delayed by political irresponsibility.”
This passage was in reference to retirement settlements owed to these officers upon there departure.
I am happy to say that my letter was met with a quick and encouraging response. A concerted effort was made by all to not only acknowledge these men, but to assure that when they finally end their careers, they would be given their full compensation without delay or unnecessary rhetoric.
A few weeks later, on July 31, 2013, Lt. James Tavarez, Lt. Steve Drasheff, Sgt. Sam William, Sgt. Thomas Kennedy Jr., Patrolman William Truppner, Patrolman Frank Soto and Patrolman Bobby Gohde all retired from the Hoboken Police Department.
These men have served this community with dedication and dignity throughout their careers. They were recognized at a ceremony on July 29th, when they were presented with an American flag and a certificate. This type of attention has rarely been extended to officers retiring from our department. I am hopeful that this will become a new tradition.
I would especially like to thank Chief Falco, Director Tooke, Mayor Zimmer, Counsel Bhalla and Councilwoman Castellano for their help during the past few months. These retirees can now move forward with the peace of mind that the City of Hoboken has treated them honorably for their service.
Lastly, I would like to congratulate Gino Jacobelli and James Peck. During the same ceremony on July 29, they were promoted from the rank of Sergeant to Lieutenant. These men did not just pass a test, but the time and dedication they exhibited led them to achieve some of the highest scores in the State of New Jersey. This is yet another example of the well-educated and progressive police department this city has.

Sergeant John Petrosino
Police Superior Officers Association President

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